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A research and development community transportation initiative for rural and small communities

ITNEverywhere is ITNAmerica's newest community transportation initiative. ITNAmerica has completed 6 years of research and development  and is ready to build and deploy this non-profit community service. ITNEverywhere aims to be to community mobility what  eBay is to flea markets and what Craigslist is to classified ads. Our ITNEverywhere vision is to establish a non-profit marketplace, supported by technology, where people can share private transportation.

ITNEverywhere is for Everyone

Unlike some of the for-profit ridesharing solutions, ITNEverywhere will accommodate people of all ages, incomes, and abilities, including older people and those who are less tech-savvy. ITNEverywhere will solve transportation problems for everyone by combining rideshare, carshare, volunteer transport, ITN (Independent Transportation Network affiliates), and community transport. It is for people who:

  • want to reduce their carbon footprint by ridesharing and car sharing
  • like to help others
  • want to use a better transportation solution
  • use their smart phones to find a ride
  • would like a human being to help them arrange transportation
  • want give up driving, but still want to go places
  • love to drive and meet new people.

How it will work

Much like ITN membership, participants will join ITNEverywhere in their rural or small community, become a dues-paying member, open a Personal Transportation Account, and pay for rides through innovative payment options. ITNEverywhere users would earn credit by sharing a ride with others, volunteering to drive anyone in need of a ride, or by trading a car they no longer drive in exchange for rides. Individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations may join.

Sponsor ITNEverywhere and learn more

We are actively seeking sponsors in the Information Technology sector to expand our ITNAmerica system in service of our ITNEverywhere vision. If you are interested in partnering with us, contact ITN Development Director Heidi Farber. Learn more about ITNAmerica here.


ITNEverywhere is for Everyone

If you would like to participate, or if you wish to support the development of this service for others, please let us know.