What We Do

At ITNAmerica we develop community-based transportation solutions designed to address the challenge of senior mobility. But that's only a small part of what we do. Our transportation programs are the action phase of our work, solutions developed following exhaustive research and examination of transportation policy nationwide. Our model is cyclical: We started more than two decades ago studying senior mobility, the challenges facing older people, their families and their communities. That led us to examine policy and the levers that influence how communities approach transportation across America. These two independent spheres fed the development of our network, affiliate model and the programs that have grown from it.

And the research continues. Today we evaluate our own efforts, as well as the efforts of our partners and others, to find what solutions within the senior transportation services sphere truly work. And we examine policy to understand what combination of incentives offer the prospect of lifelong mobility, and what policies throw up barriers to sustainable solutions.

This multi-pronged approach makes ITNAmerica unique: Research feeds policy feeds programs. We live with everything under one roof, an organization without walls. Innovations can be developed, implemented and evaluated seamlessly, without barriers or hurdles. Nowhere else is senior transportation research, policy and programming approached so coherently, so comprehensively.



ITNAmerica is the only national non-profit senior transportation network. Our ITN affiliates work in 13 communities across 12 states, from Maine to Florida to California. Our model is local, but our network is national, and with reach comes strength. Want to support the transportation needs of a family member 3,000 miles away? ITNs make it happen.

 ITNCountry is a transportation solution built for small towns and rural places. It is designed to bring the ITN model anywhere, to put modern tools previously available only to metro areas into the hands of any town, city or region. With ITNCountry anyone can build a community-based transportation solution that connects vehicles, drivers and riders with businesses, healthcare providers and families. Because every community needs dignified solutions for senior transportation.

Trusted Transportation Partners

With 13 affiliates in 12 states, ITNAmerica supports sustainable, community-based transportation for seniors and people with visual impairments. But we aren’t yet everywhere, so to ensure older people in communities across America have access to quality transportation options we developed our Trusted Transportation Partners program. Trusted Transportation Partners, or TTPs, offer the highest level of transportation service, the sort of service we expect from our own affiliates, in non-ITN communities. It’s a way to take the guesswork out of deciding on your senior transportation selection—a TTP is an independent organization that has earned the ITN seal of excellence. We support them, because they support you.


Personal Transportation Accounts™

Personal Transportation Accounts™ are the mobility portfolios at the heart of the ITN model. Transportation credits can be earned by driving or issued in exchange for your vehicle through the CarTrade program. They can be shared among friends, traded among communities or saved for future needs. The Personal Transportation Account is the one stop solution to lifelong mobility. It is an ITN original, as are the award winning innovative programs that channel mobility resources into your future.

Ride & Shop

Are you a business that cares about its older customers? Want to ensure they can keep browsing your aisles even after they limit or stop driving? Our Ride & Shop program can help. Ride & Shop partners ITNs with local businesses to help keep the costs low for seniors needing to reach your location. Losing customers can have a real impact on your bottom line, but Ride & Shop ensures no one is stuck at home. If older shoppers can reach you, everyone wins.

Healthy Miles

Are you a medical professional, healthcare provider or hospital looking to ensure your older patients can keep their appointments? ITNAmerica’s Healthy Miles program partners ITN affiliates with local healthcare providers to help support older patients who need rides. Healthy Miles ensures riders arrive on time and cancel fewer appointments. Healthcare professionals can rest easy knowing their patients will arrive safely and on time. If they show up, everyone wins.

Road Scholarship

The ITN Road Scholarship program helps low income seniors access rides regardless of ability to pay. Many ITN Volunteer drivers do not need to use all of the transportation credits they earn as they drive others. By contributing their excess credits to the Road Scholarship program, they actually give twice: once for the ride they give, and again with the scholarship they fund.

A Community Road Scholarship is the same kind of program, only it is set up by a town, a church, or a service organization. When their members volunteer as ITN drivers, they can contribute their transportation credits into an account for their own residents or members to distribute credits to those in need. It is a way to ensure everyone can afford to live a full life even after they leave the driver’s seat.


Is your car lonely, just sitting there perfectly serviceable but silent? Is it taking up driveway space or filling your garage? It used to carry you around town, but not these days? Our CarTrade program can turn your car into rides whenever and wherever you want to go. CarTrade lets your car keep you going places even after you’ve stopped taking the wheel.

Because neither you nor your car should be stuck at home.

Want to find out more about our programs? Contact us.


ITNAmerica is research-driven, and research begins with good information. To this end, ITNAmerica has built and maintains three of the best senior transportation databases in the country: ITNRides, Rides in Sight, and the 50 State Policy Project. We conduct our own original research, and we have worked with universities, the Centers for Disease Control, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Federal Transit Administration, the National Conference of State Legislatures, the Transportation Research Board (National Academies of Science) and numerous private philanthropies. Our theoretical knowledge is further informed with decades of on-the-ground experience working in the field serving older people. Our expertise has grown alongside our network, starting with service to one small community and expanding to cover every corner of the U.S. If you are looking for a place to access information on senior transportation nationwide, ITNAmerica is where to begin.


ITNAmerica is a national resource. Our expertise is in mobility, senior transportation and sustainable community mobility. The ITNAmerica Knowledge Center catalogs the breadth of our work, making it available to students, researchers, policymakers and family members everywhere. Because supporting older people and community mobility is what we do.

The 50 State Policy Project is a hub for policy makers and members of the public looking for a policy database for transportation in all 50 states. The database focuses on policies that create incentives or remove barriers to the use of private resources for sustainable transportation. This information was compiled with the help of the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, the American Bar Association Commission for Aging and Law, the National Conference of State Legislatures, the American Automobile Association and AARP.

For the latest media mentions and coverage, visit our Press Room.


ITNAmerica not only studies mobility and develops models for senior transportation, we also to serve as an educational resource. Mobility has become a major issue of our time, and ITNAmerica is dedicated to informing the public, policymakers, local communities and organizations about the specific needs of older people facing age-related mobility issues. From our 50 State Policy Project to the ITNCountry Online Learning System to the Rides in Sight database, ITNAmerica offers a wealth of resources on the subject of age, aging and lifelong mobility. We offer resources to help individuals, families, social service organizations, businesses, lawmakers, health care workers providers and others. Our dedication to education is second only to our dedication to seniors.

And as a recognized expert in the field, ITNAmerica president and founder Katherine Freund has for two decades used her platform as well-regarded speaker to further this educational mission. Katherine is a 2012 Askoka Fellow. She was featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the “12 People Who Are Changing Your Retirement,” and on CNN’s “Breakthrough Women” series. She has received the AARP Inspire Award, the Maxwell Pollack Award from the Gerontological Society of America, and the Social Enterprise Alliance Award for Leadership in Innovative Enterprise Ideas. Katherine is also the recipient of the Access Award from the American Foundation for the Blind, the Archstone Award for Excellence in Program Innovation from the American Public Health Association, and the Giraffe Award for sticking her neck out for the common good.

Katherine has participated in more than 150 national and international panels and conference sessions on alternative transportation for older people. She has spoken in Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland, England, Switzerland, South Korea and Taiwan. Her efforts are a key part of ITN’s educational efforts. Contact us at (207) 857-9001 if your organization would like to learn more about inviting Katherine to speak.


Making More Health Fellows from every continent at the Ashoka/Boehringer Ingelheim Conference in Ingelheim, Germany, October 2017.

Katherine Freund, President and Founder of ITNAmerica, has been chosen as an Ashoka Fellow. She joins a worldwide network of 3,300 social entrepreneurs from 88 countries who are changing the way we solve problems. She is also one of 85 Making More Health Ashoka Fellows, sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim, a 125–year-old family owned pharmaceutical company seeking to bring the innovation of social entrepreneurs to help solve global healthcare problems. Katherine’s work to build ITN and ITNAmerica, consumer-oriented, economically sustainable transportation for older people, is part of this effort.

Rides In Sight

Rides in Sight is the nation’s largest comprehensive database of transportation services for older or visually impaired people. It’s curated, searchable and available to anyone. It’s an online site and a toll-free number, with trained customer representatives to help you find the best available transportation to suit your needs. It’s meant to make finding ride solutions easy. Need a ride? We can help.

ITNAmerica is dedicated to senior mobility. That’s why we developed the Rides in Sight website and hotline. It doesn’t matter if you’re in New York City, rural Idaho or somewhere in West Texas, if there is an organization offering rides to seniors in your area Rides in Sight is the best and the simplest way to find it. It’s easy. Go to the website or call the hotline, enter your county or tell your customer representative where you live and get a slate of ride options in return. There is no cost, no fee, and no small print. Rides in Sight is a nationwide solution for older people everywhere. It is continually updated and carefully combed to ensure you won’t be calling defunct agencies for a ride.

Rides in Sight is one more way ITNAmerica ensures seniors everywhere have access to safe, reliable transportation.