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Other Types of Gifts

There are many ways you can make a gift that helps seniors and the visually impaired.

Please contact ITNAmerica's Development Department for more details on the following types of gifts. We also recommend you ask your own advisor about the suitability of these gifts. You may designate a portion of any of these gifts to a local affiliate of your choice or for specific ITN programs.

Gifts That Provide Income Back To You or Family. There are several gift arrangements that can be made during your lifetime or through your estate that can provide income to you or loved ones, then ultimately to our programs. These gifts can be funded with cash, securities, and often, real estate. Charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts are popular ways to give.

Charitable Lead Trusts. Pass on assets to your family while providing income to ITN through this specialized estate planning gift structure for major transformational gifts.

Real Estate. Donating marketable residential, commercial or undeveloped property is a great way to dispose of property you no longer need, save on capital gains taxes, and support our programs.

Personal Property. We accept many types of marketable personal property such as jewelry, and other valuable items.

Business Assets. You can donate partnership interests, ownership in a business, and other assets and receive significant tax benefits.

Retained Life Estates. You can give a personal residence or farm to ITN and retain the right to live there for yourself or others. You will receive a partial charitable tax deduction and reduce the value of your estate for taxation purposes. As long as you retain this right, you will be responsible for maintaining the property and all financial obligations. However, if you already plan to leave the property to ITN in your will, this may be an attractive option for you to consider.

Thank you for considering a gift to support ITN. Please contact our Development Department at (207) 857-9001 for a confidential conversation about how you can help. It is important to discuss these arrangements with your own qualified advisor as we cannot provide legal or tax advice to you. If you have already included ITN in your estate plans, please let us know.