Donald Deibert

Chair of the Affiliate Community Advisory Board

ITNSunCoast Treasurer Don Deibert moved to Lakewood Ranch, Florida, in December 2015. He lived in North Carolina for the previous 28 years, but after his parents passed away, Don moved near his brother and family.

Don has served on many boards of directors and has served as treasurer. He currently manages a small family private foundation. He also coordinates the Road to Recovery Program in Buncombe County, N.C., which transports cancer patients to their treatment appointments. He was treasurer for a county-wide book reading organization in Buncombe County. He has been involved in many volunteer opportunities in North Carolina and now in Florida.

Don started out and continues as a volunteer driver for ITNSunCoast. He offered to be on the board of directors and now serves as treasurer. He is committed to his community and wants to give back. He feels that ITN is a wonderful opportunity for seniors who can no longer drive. He lives full time in Florida.