Why We're Here

Everyone has places they need to go, things they have to do — the grocery store, medical appointments, trips to see friends. But for older people the ability to get places is curbed when the normal changes of aging impacts their safe driving. They may rely on friends, neighbors or family members for rides to fill the gap, but they often still find themselves caught without transportation. And asking favors quickly grows old. The loss of freedom that comes with letting go of the keys can take a heavy toll.

But at ITNAmerica, we believe no one should ever be trapped at home. We offer solutions. Because there is life after driving.


ITNAmerica promotes lifelong mobility for seniors. We support sustainable, community-based transportation by leading a national transportation network grounded in research, policy analysis and education.


The ITN model was born out of near disaster: When Katherine Freund's son was three he was seriously injured by an 84-year-old driver. The accident provoked Freund to react, but instead of lashing out at the driver she became angry at a system ill equipped to support aging residents. Crashes caused by older people were not the problem, Freund knew: They were the result of a transportation system incapable of meeting the needs of an aging population. So she decided to change the system.

Freund earned her master's degree in public policy, concentrating on transportation for older people from every conceivable angle. The ITN model grew out of that work. Soon she found herself focusing on and solving related problems of resources, logistics, technology and policy that all play critical roles in our transportation system. The result was the Independent Transportation Network. What began as one woman's mission has now become a sustainable transportation solution, an antidote for a growing national problem, a lesson in social entrepreneurship and innovation, and an example of what one woman can do if she puts her mind to it.

The Independent Transportation Network of America now comprises 13 ITN affiliates in 12 states, a nationwide consortium of Trusted Transportation Partners, the Rides in Sight database, the largest and best listing of senior transportation service providers anywhere, and the new ITNCountry program, which makes the ITN model accessible to every community in the country.

Katherine's son Ryan today.



Katherine Freund

Founder and President

David F. Melton

Board Chair

Richard F. Pain

Board Secretary

Jack Miles

Board Member

Clayton Fong

Board Member

Bill Turenne

Board Member

Eli Peli

Board Member

Carl R. Augusto

Board Member

Michelle Turenne

Board Member

Donald Deibert

Chair of the Affiliate Community Board


Norman Y. Mineta

Former U.S. Secretary of Transportation

Samuel A. Ladd, III

Anna Roosevelt

CEO, Goodwill Industries of Northern New England

David Warren, JD

Larry Israelite, PhD

Lori Parham